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Elevate your company's success with Chuck, Co-Owner at The Opus & Golds Group. From transforming startups to $20M enterprises, Chuck specializes in guiding businesses with revenues from $3M to $10M. Ready to unlock growth? Partner with Chuck by booking now!

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Chuck, a Co-Owner and Partner at The Opus & Gold Group, is instrumental in guiding companies within the $3M to $10M revenue range towards their growth and transformation objectives, which may encompass strategic exits. Hailing from New Jersey, Chuck relocated to Salt Lake City in 2008 and founded All Hours Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. His extensive experience in the service industry spans over a quarter-century.

Beginning as a one-person operation based in his garage, Chuck swiftly scaled All Hours, achieving an impressive $11M in revenue in just eight years. In 2020, he welcomed his sister, Dana, into the fold, and together, they further accelerated the company's growth, taking it from $11M to $20M in under four years. This remarkable success culminated in a substantial, double-digit multiples sale in 2023.

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Chuck is a true leader and a great mentor. He knows what it takes to be a successful business owner. Not only has he done it, he has helped others grow their businesses. It would be impossible to completely express the value he brought to my company.

- Stephen H

Chuck has guided me through many things, all the late night conversations, and just great laughs... I feel like I have skipped 10 years ahead and saved a ton of grey hairs... Chucks helping me build a better culture and better lives for our customers and team members. THANKS CHUCK!!!

- Chris T

Chuck is a rockstar of a leader. He always goes above and beyond for people who want to take it to the next level. His biggest impact on our business would be accountability and sharing his knowledge of what is best to do to grow. Definitely recommend him!

- Brenna a

Chuck possesses an in-depth understanding of the challenges associated with building a company from the ground up.

His areas of expertise lie in coaching and motivating both field and office teams. His enthusiasm for recruitment is exemplified by his dedicated efforts, spanning months and years, to connect with and attract Service Experts to join his team.

Chuck's fervent commitment to fostering a thriving company culture played a pivotal role in the rapid expansion of the enterprise.

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More about Chuck

Empowering the growth and success

Chuck, a Co-Owner and Partner at The Opus & Gold Group, is integral to our mission of empowering the growth and success of well-aligned companies in the $3M to $10M revenue range. We work closely with businesses to navigate their unique journeys, whether that entails achieving new heights or strategic exits. Chuck's roots trace back to New Jersey, but his entrepreneurial spirit led him to Salt Lake City in 2008, where he embarked on a remarkable journey in the service industry spanning over 25 years.

Big Vision

Humble beginnings to millions

Chuck's career began with a modest one-man operation out of his garage, swiftly transforming into All Hours Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. In just eight short years, he catapulted the company to an impressive $11M in revenue. In 2020, he extended the invitation to his sister, Dana, and their combined efforts propelled the enterprise from $11M to $20M in under four years. This exceptional growth culminated in a substantial, double-digit multiples sale in 2023.

Profound Understanding

Committed to partnering with the right-fit, growing companies

Chuck brings a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in nurturing a company from the ground up. He specializes in coaching and inspiring
both field and office teams, and his fervor for recruitment is unwavering. Chuck invests months and years in forging relationships with Service Experts to secure the right talent for his team. The dedication to cultivating a vibrant company culture has been a linchpin in achieving the company's remarkable growth trajectory.

We are committed to partnering with the right-fit, growing companies, and if you believe your organization could benefit from our expertise and collaborative approach, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Learn more about Opus & Golds Group

The OG Group is the brainchild of two siblings, Chuck and Dana. They both bring a wealth of experience and a passion for holistic business growth. 

The name “The Opus & Golds Group” signifies the essence of meaningful work (“Opus”) and the dedication to excellence (“Golds”). It’s also a nod to their children’s names: Goldie, Ondrea, Liam, Dylan, and Savannah.

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